Animal Removal & Wildlife Control of Greater Middle Tennessee

Animal Removal Middle Tennessee Nashville Wildlife is full service Animal Removal & Wildlife Damage Control company serving the Greater Middle Tennessee areas 24 hrs a day 7 day a week since 2009. Experts in Ethical Wildlife Management & Animal Removal Services we can resolve just about any wildlife issue you can throw at us. We offer trapping and relocation of nuisance wildlife for example raccoon in attics, skunks under homes, squirrels nesting in a wall or attic, opossums in the a/c unit, snake removal from warehouses, fox coyote beaver muskrat trapping etc., wildlife exclusion & damage repair, bird control, bat removal, attic & crawlspace remediation, odor control, dead animal removal, rat/mice trapping and proofing, wildlife bio-hazard cleanup, mole removal and other wildlife related services.


licensed by twra

We hold a valid license for Animal Damage Control issued to us by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency and carry a large insurance policy so we can handle any commercial work that comes our way. We take pride in the fact we are family owned/operated and not a “turn key franchise”. We are fully invested into our community and care for our clients as if they were family. The owner is ALWAYS available to speak to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have, because we know its important to you the customer to be able to speak to and have a relationship during your service with a real live expert and not a desk secretary. We are setting the standards in the industry every year for customer service, wildlife control methods and practices. Standards that have been adopted and followed by new and old companies like ours nationwide. Thank you for taking the time to read our introduction and as always feel free to browse our website, shoot us a email, give us a call or send us a smoke signal. We’re always here looking forward to hearing from you!

-Nashville Wildlife